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Science Links

  1. Forensic Entomology
  2. Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments
  3. Mike's Electric Stuff
  4. High Voltage Experimenter's Handbook
  5. CD-ROM's in the Microwave - science!
  6. Nuclear Blast Mapper
  7. Wacky Patents
  8. The Bureau of Atomic Tourism
  9. The NeoScience Institute
  10. Save Our Gravity
  11. The Weather Channel
  12. How to build an Atom Bomb
  13. Strange Science
  14. Cryptozoology (the web site)
  15. Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour
  16. Molecular Magnetism and Levitation - With frogs!
  17. The Visible Human Project
  18. RPI Plasma Dynamics Lab - home of the can crusher
  19. Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
  20. The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
  21. CERN European laboratory for particle physics (the birth place of the web)
  22. Fun with Grapes - It's science!
  23. Strawberry Pop-Tart blowtorch
  24. Beard research
  25. Cow Eye Dissection (step by step)

    Cool Pages

  26. Potatoland
  27. P.O.I. points of interest
  28. Spanky's World
  29. The Dr Science HomePage
  30. StrangeMag - zine
  31. The Dominion - Home of the SciFi network.

    Just Plain Different

  33. Beach Blanket Babylon
  34. Walter Miller's Home page
  35. Wally Glenn's Web Site
  36. The Award No-one Has
  37. The World of Cheese
  38. oo
  39. Juxtapositions (for fun and profit)
  40. The Nose Pages
  41. The Corporation

    Web Cameras

  42. The Ghost Watcher
  43. The Amazing GrassCAM
  44. The Peeling Paint WebCam
  45. The Superfluous Shrubbery Cam
  46. The Continental Drift Cam
  47. The Suburban Highway Cam
  48. The Occasional KittyCam
  49. The Binoculated BirdFeeder Cam
  50. The Amazing Transforming HouseCam

    Fun Pages

  51. Tracey's Fart Farm
  52. Bob's Fridge Door
  53. Sluggy Freelance (comic strip)
  54. TooMuchCoffeeMan !!!
  55. Spear's Specialty Clown Shoes (custom made)
  56. Cool Site of the Day
  57. Suck
  58. The Funny Side of India
  59. The Riddler Page

    Stupid Web Page Tricks

  60. Mark's Apology Note Generator
  61. Dance of the Hamsters
  62. The Official Red and Blue Site
  63. surreal-a-tron 8000
  64. Alex Warp
  65. The Band-Aid Applet
  66. Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator
  67. CleverMedia Shockwave Arcade
  68. Zippy says Yow! (???)
  69. The Valley URL Page
  70. I, Rearrangement Servant
  71. The Incredible Headless Dancin' Stickman
  72. Turn yourself into Elvis
    (the finest Elvis simulation on the web)
  73. The really big button that doesn't do anything
  74. The Internet Squeegee Guy
  75. PhoNETic - convert phone numbers to words

    TV and Movies

  76. Crypt Crawl Horror Web Site Directory
  77. TrailerVision
  78. The Partridge Family Temple
  79. The Adam West Page (with Batcave)
  80. Celebrity Addresses (web guide)
  81. Warner Brothers Online

    Cultural Places

  82. 75 years of Band-Aid
  83. The Random World of Zang
  84. The Book of Clichés
  85. UGek Magazine
  86. Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi
  87. the Lunar Embassy (extraterrestrial real estate)
  88. The Online Experimental Animation Festival
  89. Ronan's Online Karaoke Page
  90. The amazing RUBBERBAND ball
  91. Mardi Gras Headquarters
  92. Vomitus Maximus Museum
  93. Scratch & Sniff Theater
  94. The little-read fine print on Acme products
  95. The Worlds LARGEST Links Page

    SciFi and Horror

  96. The Creature from the Black Lagoon
  97. Mad Martian Museum of Modern Madness
  98. The Tingler
  99. The Astounding B Monster (B movie directory)
  100. The Ed Wood homepage
  101. The Sci-Fi Channel
  102. The Dr Who Page
  103. The Lost in Space Page
  104. Pssst. Wanna buy a corpse?
  105. The Caverns of Blood
  106. Famous Monsters of Filmland (zine)

    Hate Pages

  107. The I Hate Mayonnaise Club

    Plant and Animal Links

  108. Weinerdog Racing
  109. The World's Most Award Winning Dog
  110. The Flea News
  111. Insecta - all about bugs
  112. Dances with Llamas
  113. The Psychic Ant Pharm (visit this whole site)
  114. Amazing Prehistoric Dogs
  115. Scary Squirrel World
  116. Stupid Sheep
  117. The Bunny Cult's Homepage
  118. Nessie on the Net (Loch Ness, Scotland)
  119. The Infamous Exploding Whale
  120. The Mr Edible Starchy Tubor Head Page

    Self Improvement

  121. Let The Institute of Celestial Sciences change your sign.
  122. A Word A Day (expand your vocabulary)
  123. Online Shrink
  124. The web site for paranoids
  125. The Bob Dobbs oracle page
  126. The Psychic Chicken Network

    Web Community Services

  127. Perpetual Bubblewrap!
  128. Pun of the Day
  129. IRAMISU - Cartoons
  130. The Sinkie Homepage
  131. The Guys vs the Girls Burping Contest
  132. The Useless Information Home Page
  133. The Virtual Bar
  134. The Death Clock
  135. The NewsLetter
  136. Give Virtual Beer
  137. The Vent vent your gripes
  138. Slanguages (learn a local dialect)
  139. Star Seeker Entertainment Guide
  140. Switchboard - Find anyone!
  141. Internet Accessible Coke Machine Listing
  142. How Far is it? (distance calculator)

    Political, Government and News Links

  143. The Onion - News
  144. This is True (weird e-news)
  145. The FBI HomePage (check out their top 10)
  146. NASA HomePage
  147. ACLU Online
  148. National Public Radio
  149. Photo District News

    Computer and Nerd Stuff

  150. Bob's Geek Show Maps
  151. Software Jumbo
  152. The Cheat Zone (game cheats)
  153. The Head Shop - Internet Head Storage Facility
  154. The Webmonkey (toys for nerd-surfers)
  155. Sierra Online (games)
  156. Killer Fonts
  157. Volition Home Page (free stuff)

    Everything Else

  158. Pa's CyberSpace Drug Store (Howard's dad)

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