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The horror films of William Castle

William Castle (film credits here) produced and/or directed over 60 films throughout his career, but his first love was always horror films. The films listed here represent a select cross-section of his work from 1958 to 1964. With the possible exception of Strait-Jacket, these could all be considered "B-movie" thrillers. These films all have one thing in common, they were designed to make audiences SCREAM.

William Castle (clip here) was considered the P.T. Barnum of horror films and his films almost always used some kind of gimmick, or special theatrical effect to enhance audience thrills. Whether it was Illusion-O, Emergo, or Percepto you could be sure Bill Castle had something special in mind for you when you went to see one of his thrillers.

The Films

Macabre 1958
House on Haunted Hill 1958
The Tingler 1959
13 Ghosts 1960
Homicidal 1961
Mr Sardonicus 1961
Strait-Jacket 1964

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