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Pick up a free copy of the SUDftw 2005 Formula One help file. This is a Windows 95, or newer ".HLP" file (98, 2000, ME, XP, NT, etc...). This file has all the info and stats you need in a compact and portable format. It offers the following content:
  • The 2005 F1 season (where & when)
  • Driver, team and car information for the 2005 season
  • Driver and constructor championship points for 1994-05
  • World champions list since 1950 (with driver bios. and pics)
  • Driver and manufacturer all-time wins
  • Driver all-time poles
  • Manufacturer championship list since 1958
  • Track maps and GP histories (as applicable)
  • Ayrton Senna helmet and Ferrari icons, a user "readme" file and much more...

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Version 11.18a Oct 25, 2004
Final 2004 version

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