letters to rubberboy

From: pearson
please add a pikachu (pokemon) rubber band

We added a pikachu (pokemon) rubber band on February 1, 2003. See it HERE!

From: AHarris562
My son is 8 and wants to know how to start his own rubber band ball without a kit. Can you help?

There are several schools of thought on how one should approach building a rubber band ball. However, common to all methods is supply acquisition.

Some folks wander aimlessly throughout their neighborhood, head down, in a feeble attempt to find rubber bands on the ground, somehow expecting them to magically fall, like manna, from the sky. Others actually purchase the rubber bands for their habit. The vast majority of rubber band ball owners hold these poor souls in contempt. We started our SUDftw rubber band ball the old fashioned way... by stealing office supplies from work.

Since the boy is eight, and probably does not have an office job yet, he could get a paper route and begin pilfering rubber bands from the local newspaper, eventually stepping up to raiding the office supply cabinet at work, once he becomes of age. Once he has a supply of rubber bands, starting the ball is simple enough. The true art is in acquiring the rubber bands.

From: Liz Blank
Can you make a purple and yellow striped one?

We added a purple and yellow rubber band on October 20, 2001. See it HERE!

From: Barbara Barham
How about a purple rubber band?

We added a purple rubber band on July 10, 2001. See it HERE!

From: Graham
Hi, Can you put my rubber band on last, and make it a bright red one please..... Many thanks :o)

SUDftw Legal has amended a charter to the SUDftw incorporation, instructing the future corporate leaders to continue to grow the ball for six generations, when finally, the last rubber band will be added in your honor, on June 15, 2112. Our Computer Simulation Department has created a model of what the ball will look like when your rubber band is finally added to the ball, thus, ending an era. See it HERE!

From: Michelle
I think a ladybug band should be added to your ball. Any nice red rubber band with black spots would be perfect.

We added a nice ladybug rubber band on May 27, 2001. Sorry, but threats from the SPCA prevented us from using real ladybugs. See it HERE!

From: Jessica
hello. i am jessica johnson of oregon and i would be so pleased to see a nice pink rubberband on your ball.
thank you, jessica

We added a nice pink rubber band on May 6 -- See it HERE!

From: Matt
Cool site! Rubberband balls rock! YA!!

They rock-on with thier bad selves, Matt.  Row-dee-yah.

From: Wingsfan96@aol.com
Pink with sparkles

Dear Wingsfan96,
I searched the band archives for pink + sparkles. Our records indicate that on June 10, 1998 a pink rubber band with gold and silver sparkles depicting the words "GO WINGS!" was added to the ball. The band measured 78mm in circumference, unstretched with a mean width of 10mm. Our records indicate that the band was found near the Joe Louis Arena on June 9, 1998. See it HERE!


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