Written by: Robert Bloch
Starring:Joan Crawford, Diane Baker, Leif Erickson, George Kennedy

The Story

After a 20 year stay in an asylum, former ax murderess Lucy Harbin (Joan Crawford) returns to stay with her daughter, her brother and his wife. No sooner does she arrive than they begin to doubt her recovery, but her daughter is adamant that they give mom another chance. Based on a true story, this film has many suspenseful scenes, lots of ax murdering and wonderful performances by Ms Crawford and Diane Baker. George Kennedy is great as the half-wit farm hand. While this film doesn't really belong here with the other b-movie Castle films I just can't resist a heartwarming ax-murder tale. Some nice clips are available on YouTube.

The Gimmick

Joan Crawford - To silence critics of his films William Castle decided not to use any gimmicks to draw crowds to the theaters for this film. The appearance of Joan Crawford and a better-than-average production was deemed sufficient. Joan Crawford did make some personal appearances at theaters during the premier.


This was the next film Joan Crawford made after her fun filled movie - Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?. While he promised not to use a gimmick, Bill Castle did give out cardboard axes with fake blood on them at some of the premiers for this movie.