Mr Sardonicus

Written by: Ray Russell
Starring: Guy Rolfe, Oscar Homolka, Tina Woodward

The Story

A rich barron digs up his fathers grave to retrieve a winning lottery ticket, but while doing so he is frightened so thouroughly that his face is frozen into a hideous sort-of permanent grin. He tries all kinds of things to correct this (including leaches), but nothing works. In the end he is unable to eat, or even speak. Lots of suspense. Some nice clips are available on YouTube.

The Gimmick

The Punishment Poll - This gimmick allowed the movie audience to vote on the ending of the film. Does Sardonicus die, or live? The outcome of the poll would determine which ending was shown.


Contrary to popular belief there really was a second ending to this film, however it was rarely, if EVER shown.