Written by: Robb White
Starring: Jean Arless, Glenn Corbett, James Westerfield, Hope Summers

The Story

Based on a true story, this is the tale of a murdering woman (Jean Arless) who lives in a spooky house with a paralyzed old woman and her weird son. Lots of fun, some killing and some great screams. Some nice clips are available on YouTube.

The Gimmick

The Fright-Break - This was a pause two minutes before the end of the film where movie goers who were too scared to see the horrifying conclusion could go to the box office for a full refund. Later showings of this film utilized a "Cowards Corner" where those who were too scared to see the end could go so they wouldn't be afraid. Often the corner was attended by a nurse who could check your blood pressure. Very few people asked for a refund.


In 1961Time magazine liked "Homicidal" better than Alfred Hichcock's "Psycho" which was released just before this film.