13 Ghosts

Written by: Robb White
Starring:Martin Milner, Jo Morrow, Margaret Hamilton, Rosemary DeCamp

The Story

A museum curator inherits a haunted mansion from a dead uncle, but in order to keep it, his family must move in. This is not your ordinary haunted mansion, this one has lots of ghosts in it, as his uncle collected them for a hobby. His uncle also left other things for the family, namely a neat pair of glasses that enabled people to see ghosts, and a peculiar house keeper (Margaret Hamilton) who is best remembered for her part as the witch of the west in The Wizzard of Oz. A fun film with lots of screams, it can still give children nightmares to this day. Some nice clips are available on YouTube.

The Gimmick

Illusion-O - This effect involved a pair of 3d type glasses "ghost viewers" that could be put on at selected points during the film and the viewer could see ghosts in glorious "ectoplasmic color". During the movie you would put on these glasses anytime someone in the movie put on their ghost viewers.


While in France William Castle purchased a spooky looking abandoned house with the idea of having 20,000,000 keys made. All the keys would have the same number except one. The holder of the lone key would win the house. This gimmick was never used.