House on Haunted Hill

Written by: Robb White
Starring: Richard Long, Carolyn Craig, Vincent Price, Howard Hoffman and Carol Ohmart

The Story

A millionaire (Vincent Price) dares five guests to spend the night in a "haunted" mansion. If they spend the entire night they will be paid $10,000 each. This is the classic haunted house thriller featuring blood on the ceiling, severed heads, walking-talking skeletons, 45 caliber party favors and even a vat of acid in the basement. Vincent Price is great in this one, and Carolyn Craig lets out some of the best screams ever heard in film land. Lots of thrills and chills make this film a horror classic. Some nice clips are available on YouTube.

The Gimmick

Emergo - This effect involved a big (12 ft.) skeleton that would come out of a box positioned to one side of the theater screen. At the correct moment, the projectionist would push a button that made the skeleton come out of the box, light up, and ride up a wire over the audience and into the balcony. This effect didn't always work correctly, and repeat theater goers often anticipated the skeleton, and threw theater rubbish at it.


The house used in the making of this film is located down the street from the famous Ackermansion at 2495 Glendower Ave., Hollywood, California, the home of Forry Ackerman