Jackalope Hunting License
Form: 27B/6 and The Jackalope Conspiracy authorizes of , to hunt, stalk, and take one (1) MALE ANTLERED JACKALOPE within the boundaries of his (or her) own backyard. Hunting is permitted from June 1st to October 31st, between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m., during the three nights prior to a full moon. Only tranquilizer darts are permitted. Since both bucks and does are antlered, sex must be determined careful after bagging. The females must be released to further propagate the species. Licensee (that's you) is further duty bound to report their encounters back to The Jackalope Conspiracy for cataloging and reporting purposes.

Signed:  Rich, Human Resources

SignedThat Other Guy, Tech Support

The Jackalope is probably the rarest animal in North America, seldom seen by day. They are hunted by many, but taken by few. The animal is normally peaceful, but coyotes and wolverines know to avoid the Jackalope not wanting to face their Knife-like antlers.

This license is legal everywhere, however we'd appreciate it if you'd forget where you got it if questioned by your local authorities.