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Detroit Free Press - January 5, 1997

A bizarre bazaar

Who said the Internet was useless? Oh, admitted, there's some pretty . . . uh, well, let's just call it "esoteric" stuff. But uselessness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. So rather than castigate the World Wide Web for its goofier sites, XX-year-old Royal Oak resident Rich Reibel has chosen to celebrate it.

Links to the Wacky World Wide Web, as he calls his site, is a place to find the oddest of the odd. Reibel's done all the work for you. Never again will you have to search for the David Hasselhoff is the Antichrist Web site. You're only a click away at Reibel's site. Same for such other oddball Web pages as The Arch Deluxe Hate Page or The Kooks Museum or the Pig Decoy Carving home page. (That's part of the National Pig Carvers Association pages, incidentally, where if you've got a sound card, you'll also be treated to a bit of pig-calling. Ain't technology grand?)

There's more -- hundreds more, in fact, including the Cow Eye Dissection page, complete with a step-by-step photo essay, and the Abandoned Missile Base Virtual Reality Tour. For the more squeamish, Reibel's page also features more reserved links: the Vincent Price Tribute page, for instance, or the world-famous Chia Pet Zoo.

By Free Press arts writer David Lyman.