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This package contains the following files:

1. Run the SUDftw.exe file.  This extracts the contents to the C:\Program Files\SUDftw directory.

2. Backup your registry (optional, but recommended).

3. Change to the C:\Program Files\SUDftw directory and double-click the toolbar.reg file. 

This will update your registry and the next time you run IE, the SUDftw logo will appear in the upper righthand window. 

As IE loads a page, the SUDftw logo revolves like this: 

Trouble Shooting...
If your version of IE has a previous branding (e.g., @Home users, PeoplePC users, etc.), you may have to delete those references from the Registry before the SUDftw branding can take place.  If this exceeds your expertise, contact SUDftw for further instructions.

Click on an icon to download the self-extracting ZIP file.  We offer five styles.  Come back soon for more updates.


And for those who prefer something more traditional, we present...

The Dancing Baby

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you're soaking in it